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Telling my parents & cover reveal

Mae: Mom, Dad, I have a book coming out on October 25th.

Dad [holding his 6pm Scotch on the rocks]: Is this another one of those Pig & Bakery books?

Mae: Pig & Barley. Barley. Like the stuff in that Scotch you're holding.

Dad: Is this your third book?

Me: Fifth.

Dad: Five! Wow! Five books. I guess I'm behind on that.

Me [to mom, leaving Dad to his Scotch]: It's inspired by those letters from the man in the Philippines sent Great-Grandma.

Mom [slightly alarmed]: Are the names changed to protect the innocent?

Me: Of course. And I used the letters as a jumping off point for the story. Fictional Elliott has his own love letters that he writes to his Alice.

Mom: What's the story about?

Me: Well, it's about this woman who inherits a box of love letters...

Dad: [eyes glaze over as we chat, drinks more Scotch]

Mom: That's sweet.

Dad: Can we read this one? Can your grandmother read this one?

Me: Yes! Grandmama can read it. It's just kisses in this book!

Mom [who read the Clan of the Cave Bear series in the 80s]: Good! I'm looking forward to reading it then. I didn't want to read it if it's... what do you call it?

Me: Steamy. This book is more sweet than steamy, so you'll be good.

Mom: What's the name of it?

Me: Genealogy.


Click here to add Genealogy to your Goodreads list.

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