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Pig & Barley is Memphis's hottest restaurant.
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When two childhood friends decide to open foodie heaven in their hometown, all of Memphis is in for a treat.
But the real treats are Trip Brannon, Marisa Tanner, Bert Forsythe and all of the other characters in the Pig & Barley universe.

Meet Trip Brannon in "Risking Ruin" and "Borrowing Trouble." He's a businessman through and through, but his family's lawyer is the hardest deal he's ever tried to close. Will he be able to get them to an agreement or will her desire for self-preservation prevail?

Bert Forsythe tends bar at Pig & Barley and fends off the wine rep. He’s convinced she’s only there to sell the restaurant wine and that flirting is part of her job, the part of her job where she truly excels. Will he see what’s right in front of him? Or will he be blinded by his misconceptions about her and about himself? You'll love "Plus One."

"This Time Is Different" tells the story of Bert's ex-wife Amy finding her own feet post-divorce, while navigating life with her teenage son.   When a softball accident lands silver fox Thomas Popov in her dental chair, will Amy believe in herself enough to give love another try?

Risking Ruin

Bending the rules isn't breaking them.

But sex with a client? That’s one line Marisa Tanner is not going to cross. With her law license and livelihood at stake, she needs to keep her eyes on the job and off her playboy client, no matter how hot he looks in a suit. Or out of one.

Trip Brannon is used to getting what he wants both in business and in life. But his lawyer isn't the type to bend to his desires. She's not giving in, and that's exactly what draws him to her. 

She tries to ignore the heat flaring between them. While convincing her to break the rules just moved to the top of his agenda.

Their attraction is undeniable and chemistry electric. Can Marisa have her career and Trip, too, or will she have to choose? 

Borrowing Trouble

Lust or love? Can Marisa even tell the difference?

Juggling a new boyfriend who is constantly MIA for work, his mom who likes her just a little too much, a best friend whose husband might be sneaking around, and a busy career saving clients from sexual harassment lawsuits is pulling Marisa Tanner apart at the seams.

Being with Trip is good, but is it real?
Will he bail on her like her past boyfriends or for once in his life will Trip be able to maintain focus longer than the time it takes to close a business deal?

Plus One

If you can stand the heat, there's a hot single dad in the kitchen.

At not-quite forty and with his son in his last year of high school, Bert's going to be dining alone.

His restaurant's wine rep has a few ideas on how he might sate all of his appetites.

He hasn't been buying what she's been selling, but she’s only in Memphis for a few months before moving back home to California…and he is only mortal.

Besides, it's not like he's going to fall in love for the first time in his life or anything crazy like that, right?

This Time Is Different

Life can change in a flash.


Marriage and a baby wasn’t Amy Forsythe’s college plan.  After a shotgun marriage glued together by her son, she’s convinced that love isn’t meant for her.  Now nearing forty and single for the first time since her senior prom, her friends are pushing her to date.  Her teenager isn’t thrilled by the idea and neither is Amy.


Silver fox Thomas Popov isn’t looking for The One. He found her decades ago.  And fell apart when she died.  At fifty-three with a new job, a new city, and an empty nest, he’s focused on climbing the corporate ladder.


When a softball accident lands Thomas in Amy’s dental chair, sparks fly.  


Lightning doesn’t strike twice. But love might.

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