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901 Living Interviews Trip Brannon

901 Living, Memphis's premier magazine featuring all of the best of The Bluff City, sits down with Trip Brannon at his restaurant Pig & Barley.

901: Trip, thanks so much for taking the time to visit with us. You've been back in Memphis for five years now and starting to take a leadership role in your family's business, Brannon Company. Tell me about the transition back to Memphis. Trip Brannon: Glad to visit with you and I'm glad to be back in Memphis. I've been working for Branco since I graduated from Brown, with time out to get my JD-MBA at Arkansas. I've just assumed the role of General Counsel at Branco, which means I'll be handling the company's legal issues, but I'll also have my hands in the business as well. 901: Branco is a very diverse company with interests all over the globe. Any divisions close to your heart? TB: Absolutely. A few years ago Branco helped bring to market a line of fashionable hospital gowns for women who were wanting to maintain their sense of style during long in-patient treatments. I've personally witnessed the positive impact of these hospital gowns on the outlook of women who are struggling with health issues. It's wonderful to do well in business and also do good in the world. 901: And Pig & Barley, this is quite a departure from Branco's other business lines. Tell me about the restaurant. TB: Pig & Barley is not part of Branco. I started it a few years ago with my childhood friend Bert Forsythe. We both treasure local food and felt there was a void in Memphis for South Carolina Low County style, so we jumped in. I have no restaurant experience. Pig & Barley's success is completely Bert's doing. We've just poached a new chef from Savannah and he is doing amazing things with fresh Gulf seafood. 901: Your personal life has been the topic of much conversation. You were involved with Amelia Duquette, but haven't been seen out consistently with anyone in quite some time. Any special lady in your life? TB: I do not want to talk about my personal life. Right now I'm focused on settling into my new role at Branco and looking forward to continuing the company's growth.


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